Dm7 Records Serum Psychedelic Season Vol 1 WAV MIDI Serum Ableton DECiBEL

Team DECiBEL | 07 Nov 2022 | 23.8MB
DM7 “Psychedelic Season 1” stays true to the current most popular psy-style and adds that certain something to your production.

Explore 101 presets for Xfer Serum with unique bass sounds, psychedelic synth loops, crazy oneshots and weird FX.
All sounds have macros so that working with it becomes real fun! The DM7 Crew also produced a full 4 minute track with highest standards in Ableton Live. This project can instantly be loaded into your DAW. No third party plugins are needed to re-produce this stunning project.

Furthermore this carefully designed toolkit gives you the opportunity to see how professional artists produce a modern psytrance track in Ableton Live. In case you don’t own Ableton, dont worry! We also made sure that the pack includes all stems and oneshots in 24Bit Wav format.

16 x Arps
07 x Atmos
05 x Bass
03 x FX
32 x Leads
38 x Seq
15 x MIDI
11 x Noises
Wavetables from Nord Lead 4, Elektron Analog Four, Virus Ti2 and Korg Z1

+ BONUS ABLETON PROJECT: 001 x Songstarter Project for Ableton Live 096 x Samples e Oneshots (24Bit Wav.) Todos com BPM + Key + 105 x Stems (24Bit Wav.)

Thanks to Psychedelicosmo for the supply!



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