Techivation T Imager v1 0 1 MOCHA

MOCHA | VST2/VST3 | 3.57MB
T-Imager is the ultimate musical stereo-imaging solution for enhancing the sound’s wideness, depth, and width. Boost the stereo imaging of your mixes with no artifacts, and make your sounds sit nicely together.

Ultimate Solution for Perfectionists – T-Imager controls the overall stereo imaging with no artifacts

Effective method, to keep you creative
The T-Imager helps you create more space and contrast the sounds playing together.
Different sounds in production should sit nicely together to make pleasant music.
So if multiple sounds of your production are playing simultaneously, you won’t need to go through struggles to create a nice contrast and space.

T-Imager is about controlling mid and side frequencies
Beauty is about finding an outstanding balance of different aspects. T-Imager lets you control the stereo field by balancing a stereo track’s mid and side frequencies.

We want you to have complete control over the stereo imaging of your sound. Find the perfect balance between a stereo track’s mid and side frequencies’ levels. Or apply the unique built-in EQ curves and filters to create an excellent stereo sound fitting nicely in any mix.

T-Imager is not only a perfect tool for audio mastering but also gives you a lot of possibilities in the audio mixing stage. Bring certain sounds to the front of a mix, and make elements more profound, more comprehensive, or more narrow in certain situations.

Control the stereo field in a simplified and solid way
T-Imager uses fundamental mixing techniques to control the balance of stereo imaging without causing any artifacts.

Instead of generating artificial stereo-ness on a mono or stereo track, the T-Imager carefully affects the original information from mid and side frequencies using the Gain, Tilt EQ filter, Smiley Curve, and High Pass filter, resulting in a musical sound.

T-Imager doesn’t turn a mono track to stereo, as there’s no stereo information in that kind of source. So you can control the width in sounds that already have both mid and side frequency information, resulting in a natural sound.



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