Techivation T Puncher v1 0 1 MOCHA

MOCHA | VST2/VST3 | 3.59MB
The T-Puncher is designed to provide a musical punch and power to your drums while remaining natural. Forget about dialing too many knobs and getting lost with an artifactual sound. You’ll feel the punch, power and musicality once the T-Puncher is on your tracks.

Smart solution for creators – T-Puncher makes your drums punch through while keeping them musical

Shape your drums in an innovative way
It’s not easy to get a wrong sound out of this plugin. The T-Puncher lets you be creative with your artistic vision without worrying too much about going technically wrong with transient shapping process.

It’s often tricky using transient shaper plug-ins, because they can go way too far easily, and you wouldn’t tell whether they’re helpful or not on a track. That’s why we designed T-Puncher in a way to make this process actually effective and useful for all kinds of musicians. Professionals, or beginners.

It also lets you soften the hits, if you want it
Dial the major knob from 0 to 100% to increase the punchiness, or go from 0 to -100% to soften your drum hits. Both ways are safe, meaing you wouldn’t end up messing up the musicallity and original vibe of your drum hits.

There are many kinds of drum hits, or bass lines that may need to be treated differently with transient shaping. although T-Puncher is mainly for enhancing the punchiness, but it’s also perfect when it comes to softening the transient hits when needed.

Minimal graphic user-interface, simple workflow
Techivation plug-ins follow a minimal and consistent graphical user interface design to make it simpler for you to understand how to access different controls in different plug-ins we have.

Everything you need for controlling the punchiness of your tracks is right at your fingertips.



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