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Are you struggling to learn guitar chords and holding a clean barre? Do you want to play your favorite songs, but have trouble with quick chord changes? Or are you just starting out as a guitar player and looking for some chords and easy songs to learn?

This course will include
12 little songs/etudes to help you master all the major, minor and barre chords on the guitar neck.

4 chord chart exercises, to practice reading and playing songs just by following the chord symbols.

Guitar lessons on music theory; and on the major, minor, barre, and half a barre chords.

Fingerpicking techniques and lessons using the etudes (little songs), and you will learn: arpeggios, soloing techniques, vibrato, slide, rhythm exercises etc.

Ear training games to recognize chords.

Some famous songs to practice your chords: La Bamba, Happy Birthday, Cielito Lindo, Spanish Romance.

In the first part of this course we will look at some basic major and minor chords and we will learn how to make rapid chord changes through a selection of short songs/etudes and chord progression/chord chart exercises. And in the second part we will learn the barre chords through exercises, songs and chord chart practices, so you will be able to play all major/minor chords and shapes all around the neck.

Learning guitar does not have to be boring! That’s why we are using a set of songs and exercises to make guitar playing fun, and in this course you can practice your chord changes with 12 different little songs/etudes. While you learn these, you will also learn fingerpicking and different other techniques to make your songs come to life. You will learn arpeggios, soloing techniques, chord picking techniques, slides and vibratos as well as different rhythm exercises that will make you sound amazing. These etudes will be presented at two different speeds: a practice speed and a full speed.

You will also learn strumming techniques that will help you to master songs in two different time signatures. Most songs are either 4/4 or 3/4, so the chord chart exercises will be presented in these time signatures. During these exercises, you will be challenged to play the chords by following just the chord symbols while I will be playing the solo over your strumming. These exercises will give you an inside of how a professional guitarist works when they play in a band or for a singer, as many times they do not have time to learn all the songs by heart, so they have to follow chord charts.

And finally in the end of each of the sections we will do a little ear training game, which will help you to recognize and distinguish major or minor chords. This is a very useful technique which will enable you to learn new songs in the future by ear.

This course has been recorded and filmed on a classical guitar, but the material is equally applicable for those who play electric or acoustic steel string guitar.

Sheet music is provided for all of the songs and exercises in this course. These will be in three formats: standard musical notation, guitar tabulature (TAB), and GuitarPro format. .

Sign up for my course and learn new chords with songs, exercises and games to become a better guitarist!

What you’ll learn
•Learn major and minor guitar chords
•Change quickly and effectively between chords
•Learn strumming and guitar picking techniques
•Practice the chords with songs and chord charts exercises
•Learn the barre chords and how to make them sound clean
•Learn guitar techniques like arpeggio, alternate picking, rhythm exercises through songs

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