Plugin Boutique Adam Pietruszko Synthwave for HIVE2

P2P | 29 September 2022 | 262 KB
This unique collection of 65 presets for u-he Hive 2 synth takes you on a journey into the dreamy land of synth waves. Soft, soothing timbres, surprising effects, rhythmic modulations, sweet melodics, FM keys, wavetable pads and epic strings will fit a lot of genres such as ambient electronica, cinamatic, synthwave, vaporwave, lo-fi and much much more.

Designed by Adam Pietruszko, a sound designer specialising in avant-garde synth programming with many years of experience producing unique, inspiring and captivating timbres.


•6 Basses
•6 Mono Leads
•8 Poly Leads
•8 Keys
•5 Pads
•3 Strings
•6 Plucks
•6 Percs
•3 Aprs
•4 Sequences
•3 Textures
•2 Drones
•1 Motion
•4 FX
•System Re



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