Resonance Sound Synthmorph Electron for Repro 1

P2P | 29 September 2022 | 295 MB
Synthmorph has announced the release of Repro1 Electron. It is not just a preset pack, but an innovative toolset that lets you create your own sonic universe using the amazing u-he Repro1 synthesizer.

The Repro1 Electron delivers an unparalleled experience by maximising the potential of u-he Repro1. The package includes 132 detailed and tagged presets, but the Synthmorph sequences are the heart of the matter.

All presets use pre-mapped controllers (modulation wheels, velocity and aftertouch), so you can use the instant modulation options expressively right away in your own DAW application.

And the magic is further enhanced by the use of Synthmorph sequences and layers!

As Repro1 itself has a simpler structure, you can fiddle with fewer synth parameters in the Synthmorph sequences (usually between 11-16), compared to other synths. Still, in the case of Electron presets, modulating these parameters in parallel generates a swirling kinetic energy in the audio domain that will make any electron particle detector go haywire!

20 full morphing custom Synthmorph sequences (some of which you can hear in the video) are available in both in .MID and .WAV formats.

The same 20 sequences are now also available as so-called “CTRL ONLY” version, where only the parameter modulations are run while you play the keyboard live on the original (or any other!) patch. This reveals an amazing world of possibilities where you can actually achieve many more preset variations, while also having the joy of exploring and creating your own unique presets.

Layering presets adds a new sonic dimension. For the quick start you get 15 matching preset combinations, playing simple one-finger melodies or trigger notes, which usually means playing 3 different MIDI parts for 3 separate Repro1 instances. You access these 15 example sequences in their original MIDI and WAV formats: modify the sounds that make up the layering, and use them to create additional variations of your own.

If you want to feel the movement, the energy, the pulsating plasma energy of the audio, the dynamics of the emotive sounds, then check out Repro1 Electron!


• 132 U-he Repro1 Electron presets
• Presets are available in two formats: .h2p and .nksf (Native Instrument NKS)
• All presets are commented, categorized and tagged
• 20 full morphing custom Synthmorph sequences both in .MID and .WAV
• 20 “CTRL ONLY” .MID sequences for unlimited instant gratification!
• 15 3-tracks layered sequences in .MID and .WAV as sound variation examples
• Video tutorial + PDF manual on installation and usage tips


• Requires U-he Repro1 Rev 9669 or later

Preset Categories:

• 13 Arps
• 7 Atmos
• 13 Basses
• 12 Keys
• 26 Leads
• 37 Seq
• 24 SFX



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