AKAI professional DC Vocoder v1 02 BEAT

BEAT | 13 January 2004 | WinALL | 1,4 MB
The DC VOCODER is a high quality 50-band vocoder that offers outstanding

The top panel allows you to set the levels for the incoming signals and the
overall output level. The FORMANT control allows you to ‘gender-bend’ the
output – higher settings sound more feminine; lower settings sound more

The SPECTRUM ANALYSER panel shows the frequency spectrum of the signal which,
in conjunction with the 50-band graphic equaliser panel below, allows you to
radically alter the tonal balance of the vocoded signal. With the graphic
equaliser panel, you can create an almost infinite number of vocoder sounds.

The bottom panel is actually a simple buit-in, 6-voice synthesiser that can be
used as a carrier signal to be vocoded. This synth can be used as a ‘drone’
with pitches for each of the six voices set using the keyboard graphic.
However, the synthesiser can also be played in real-time using MIDI.

It is also possible to use external audio sources as the carrier signal.

The DC VOCODER is not just ‘another vocoder’ – it represents the culmination
and perfection of vocoding techniques from the early, pioneering years of
electronic signal processing to the present day.

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