AKAI professional DecaBuddy v1 02 BEAT

BEAT | 13 January 2004 | WinALL | 1,6 MB
The DECABUDDY is a multi-channel harmony generator.

It is capable of taking a monophonic audio signal and generating up to four
harmony voices plus a unison voice that can track the audio input. Harmonies
can be pre-programmed or, more conveniently, can be ‘played’ via MIDI.

The various controls allow you affect the tone of the harmony voices. RANDOM
introduces a random delay in each of the voices whilst FORMANT allows you to
‘gender bend’ the harmony making it more feminine or masculine. For really
precise harmonies, the harmony voices can be quantised and each voice may be
panned and mixed. To thicken the sound up, the DUAL function creates a stereo
harmony voice.

One way to generate harmonies is to program them so that when the DECABUDDY
receives certain notes, it will always generate certain harmonies. For
example, you can set it so that when the note C is received, the four harmony
voices generate E, G, C above and C below. The same can be done for each note
in the scale.

An easy way to create harmonies is to simply select from the preset scales for
each of the harmony voices – some happy accidents can occur this way as there
a wide range of different scales to choose from.

This is by far the most ‘musical’ way of generating harmonies – simply play
the harmony parts to be generated by the DECA BUDDY. To achieve this, go to
EDIT and select MIDI for each of the harmony’s scale.

In this mode MIDI NOTE ON commands coming on the MIDI base channel set in the
main DECA BUDDT window will control HARMONY1; commands on MIDI base channel+1
control HARMONY2, etc..

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