Mu Mixer v2 01 OxYGeN

OxYGeN | 7 February 2001 | WinALL | 750 kB
DJ Equipment: BPM Counter: MuMixer Visual Mixing Software that teaches you How To DJ ! With integrated BPM Counter, this vital piece of DJ Equipment will have you beatmixing better in no time. Requiring no special equipment, the visual mixing system will help you beat mix records or CDs using the decks and soundcard you already have.

How To DJ: Use the visual music display to match the speed of your records perfectly. The music is displayed in real time from both your turntables, scrolling across the screen from left to right. Use the automatic BPM Counter to make the beat appear stationary on the screen. Then you know the beats per minute of the track to within a tenth of one percent! – That’s the most accurate BPM Counter available out of all the BPM Counters, anywhere.

Once you have your tracks at the same speed, use the other features of this DJ Equipment to line up the beats perfectly. The handy guide lines will help you position the beats on the screen by manipulating your decks however you normally DJ. Because you are lining up the beats by eye, it doesn’t matter what the sound conditions are where you mix, you’ll always get perfectly synchronized beats with this mixing sofware. Then you can start to fade your beats with your fader. Click here for full instructions on How To DJ with the MuMixer BPM Counter.

So, Welcome to the home of the MuMixer, the world’s first visual mixing software for DJs, with integrated BPM counter and interactive music display. Whether you mix house, trance, drum and bass or techno, this is the mix tool for you, and best of all you can download it for free.






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