Diagnostic System for Sound Fields v5 0 6 8 Incl Keygen BEAT

BEAT | 29 September 2005 | WinALL | 3,1 MB
Advanced measurement and analysis software. Turn the standard laptop PC into the Highest-grade virtual measurement instrument. Try this great tool for all sound engineering work!

DSSF3 will let you use your laptop computer as a virtual instrument. Very easy to use and powerful measurement abilities. Covered fields include audio measurement, testing, and adjustment, electronic measurement, room acoustics, and acoustic analysis of noise, human voice, musical instrument, and biomedical signals like heartbeat and lung sound.

YMEC’s sound measurement software, DSSF3 and RA series (RAL, RAD, RAE) consists of three programs; Realtime Analyzer (RA), Sound Analyzer (SA), and Environmental noise Analyzer (EA).

Realtime Analyzer
is a virtual measurement instrument, including signal generator, real time frequency analyzer, and oscilloscope.

Sound Analyzer
performs multidimensional sound analysis by use of the various acoustic parameters. In addition to the conventional FFT analysis, a newly developed ACF / CCF is used for analyzing detailed acoustic qualities and spatial qualities of sound. Room acoustics parameters are calculated from the impulse response.

Environmental noise Analyzer
let you perform the long time noise measurement without stress. It has the outstanding data recorder equipped with the timer starting and the level triggering functions.

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