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AudMorph works with several different workstation file formats, but the same processes are not available for each supported format. This chapter explains some important details about the formats that are supported and the limitations on using some of the formats. The term “format” used in the context of digital audio workstation files actually refers to three distinct topics – the disk file system, the audio file format, and the EDL format. These are discussed in more detail in this section.

AudMorph works by recognizing EDL files (referred to as Projects) on all recognized disk types. This means that only digital audio files that are referenced by an EDL can be found and played and that raw audio files are not recognized directly by the program. When AudMorph scans the SCSI bus, it will find all OpenTL, Fairlight, OMF, WaveFrame, Akai, and Pro Tools files, but will not see audio files directly.

AudMorph Audio Format Converter Can Read:
– OpenTL
– ProTools 3.2, 4.x, 5.0 (HFS, HFS+)
– OMF – Sample Based (HFS, HFS+)
– WaveFrame
– DEVA Disk
– AKAI DD & DDPlus
– Sonic Solutions (HFS, HFS+)
– Fairlight .ML projects (version 3.0 or earlier)

AudMorph can write and TapeMode convert to:
– OpenTL
– ProTools 4 (HFS, HFS+)
– WaveFrame

And Export to:
– OMF – Sample Based (HFS, HFS+)

OpenTL to ProTools, ProTools to OpenTL, Fairlight to ProTools, Fairlight to OpenTL, AKAI to OpenTL, … just imagine all the time saving possibilities.

Special features for owners of the TASCAM MX-2424: FAST TapeMode convert (20X faster than MX-2424) with the option to align all tracks, choose the target format, bit-depth, and project name; Clear Unrecorded TapeMode Sections – to clear unwanted digital noise before migrating TapeMode files to a DAW.

A special feature for owners of the TASCAM MMR-8: AudMorph can fix start time errors between MMR-8 ProTools projects and non-MMR ProTools projects and allow for easy error correction between the dub stage and editing.

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