Digigram Xtrack Audio Suite v4 4a ArCTiC

ArCTiC | 9 September 2002 | WinALL | 20,2 MB
Xtrack is a digital audio multitrack editing software, flexible for broadcast editing, video post-production, dubbing, CD authoring, and other applications.

News in v4.4a:
– Fixed a problem with the invert sound effect.
– Added full management of installed Digigram sound cards capabilities.
– Improved sound card input/output capabilities management.
– Addition of “key down” key board shorcuts for the PLAY functions.
– Added direct access to to nominal speed playback in both directions (configuration through contextual menu).
– Added MCF (Xtrack Live) file editing capabilities.

Just to be correct, it’s version v4.4a Build 7

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