DSound Simple Audio Plugin Pack 1 XP VST DX v2 5 H2O

H2O | 25 August 2003 | VST / DX | 2,5 MB
Simple Audio Plug-In Pack I XP – a set of top-quality AES award winning digital audio effects designed for DirectX and VST PC -compatible applications, containing three independent essential musical effects:M odulation FX, BPM Double Delay, and Hi-resolution Parametric EQ.

New hi-resolution 64 bit internal processing supports up to 192 kHz.

Modulation FX
– Versatile fourfold modulation effect
– Adjustable parameters: Delay, Depth, Speed, Regen. Shape, Pan, Level, Dry, and Wet
– Four types of modulation curve, with possible phase reversal
– Tabular overview of parameters of all modules
– A number of built-in presets
– Quick Presets/Compare panel

BPM Double Delay
– Intuitive rhythmic double delay
– Adjustable parameters: Tempo, Bar, Note, Decay, Pan, Dry and Wet
– Note selector for setting the rhythmic arrangement
– Adjustable tempo in the range from 10 to 700 BPM
– Parameter display in 3D echogram
– Quick Presets/Compare panel

Parametric EQ
– 7-band parametric equalizer with an active graph
– Adjustable filter parameters: Gain, Frequency, Secondary parameter, and Type
– Filter types: low-pass, high-pass, low-shelf, high-shelf and notch
– True graph of resultant frequency response
– Optional gain range and graph resolution
– Simultaneous control of several filters – Filter Grouping
– Quick Presets/Compare panel

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