dRhumba v1 3 TALiO

TALiO | 14 December 2002 | WinALL | 1,4 MB
dRhumba is a software sample sequencer that is designed to provide functions similar to modern drum machines, except that it uses arbitrary sounds instead of pre-defined drum kits. This allows much greater flexibility to the end user (you).

– Load and sequence sound samples into measures and songs
– Real-time pattern editing and effects processing
– Native support for WAV and Ogg Vorbis 1.0 files
– Does not require special audio equipment (+)
– No DLLs or other support files required
– Per-instrument volume, pan, delay, echo, chorus, flange, and distortion effects
– Mixing and effects are done at 44.1 KHz, 32-bit precision
– High quality re-sampling algorithm for sample rate conversion
– Save your work as a dRhumba song file (*)
– Output your finished songs to standard WAV files (*)

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