Proxysql Course Handson Proxysql Tutorial Master Class

Published 11/2022
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Master your ProxySQL operational skills by working through this training

What you’ll learn
Install and configure ProxySQL.
Enable thousands of concurrent database connections over multiple backend servers.
Deploy multiple proxies spanning numerous database instances.
Optimize the performance of a MySQL cluster, without altering the querying applications
You must have Knowledge of MySQL DBA task
ProxySQL is a high performance, high availability, protocol aware proxy for MySQL and forks (like Percona Server and MariaDB). All the while getting the unlimited freedom that comes with a GPL license.Its development is driven by the lack of open source proxies that provide high performance.ProxySQL’s Training Courses are designed for DBAs, application developers as well as IT generalists. Our training is prepared and delivered by database experts who actively use ProxySQL in Customer environments.The course focus is on real-world implementation scenarios and hands-on labs to ensure participants acquire all the needed skills to deploy efficient, scalable, and highly available solutions with ProxySQL.RequirementsA general understanding of proxy concepts.Experience with MySQL.Experience with the Linux command line.What you will learn in this trainingIntroduction to ProxySQL ArchitectureHow to install and configure ProxySQLChanging ProxySQL configuration on RuntimeQuery routing generally called read-write splitsChanging the configuration of ProxySQLQuery Cache with ProxySQLEnabling Query Logging in ProxySQLquery fire-walling with ProxySQLAdvanced performance monitoring and tuningDeployment and scaling best practicesHigh Availability and advanced ProxySQL topology supportProxySQL Cluster and configuration managementHow Enabel virtual Ip with KeeplivedFailover in synchronous & asynchronous replication environments without losing transactionsProxySQL use cases and real-world examplesSecuring ProxySQL and implementing SSLApplication development considerations when using ProxySQLDiagnosing issues and troubleshooting ProxySQLProxySQL with Innodb Cluster / Group ReplicationProxySQL with AWS aroura ClusterEffect of Removing and adding node from Aurora cluster on ProxySQLSome Of the Lecture are still pending and which are under review and will be added to course in future.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Section 2: Introduction to ProxySQL

Lecture 2 ProxySQL Introduction and Architecture

Lecture 3 Install and configure ProxySQL

Lecture 4 changing configuration of ProxySQL server at runtime

Section 3: Adding MySQL Users to ProxySQL

Lecture 5 Add user to ProxySQL

Section 4: Read Write splits

Lecture 6 Query routing

Section 5: Node Failure

Lecture 7 ProxySQL response if MySQL node is down

Section 6: Query Logging

Lecture 8 ProxySQL Query Logging aka ProxySQL audit

Section 7: ProxySQL Query Cache

Lecture 9 ProxySQL Query Cache Intro

Lecture 10 ProxySQL Query Cache lab

Section 8: ProxySQL Cluster

Lecture 11 ProxySQL Cluster intro

Lecture 12 ProxySQL Cluster lab

Lecture 13 ProxySQL Cluster with Keeplived

Section 9: ProxySQL with InnoDB Custer

Lecture 14 ProxySQL with InnoDB Cluster

Section 10: ProxySQL with AWS Aurora

Lecture 15 ProxySQL with AWS Aurora

This course is aimed at engineers who wish to use a proxy approach to ensure high availability for MySQL based databases.






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