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Visualize notes along the entire guitar fretboard in 30 days

What you’ll learn
Easily identify all the notes and basic chords over the entire guitar neck.
Play all major scales and chords in every position.
Always get the right note first time in whichever positions you are playing.
Use visualization tricks and exercises to memorize notes on each fret.
Know basic chords in open position.
Know (or learn) two major scales in open position (review section included).
Plan just 10 or 15 minutes-a-day for the course and exercises to map the entire fretboard in your mind.
The Goal of this Course is to: Easily visualize all notes on the guitar fretboardIdentify chords in any position based on root notes found on any stringLearn the scales surrounding each major chord shape in any positionPlay in any key that you chooseGet to know chord triads all over the fretboardThe Problem: Memorizing guitar fretboard notes is too difficult, boring and a headache!The Solution: Learn the fretboard in an easy, fun and painless way! How?Get to know the fretboard “neighborhoods.” This will attach meaning to fretboard notes using simple associations. Build on your new knowledge as you find yourself instantly recognizing new notes. Use course exercises to help you think about associations that you learned. This helps you burn an image of the entire fretboard notes in your mind. Follow these steps and you’ll be surprised how easily you can identify notes.The Benefits: Gain respect of other musicians as you demonstrate your knowledge and abilitiesSpeed up your ability to advance in all areas of your playingRecognize and play chords and scales in any positionLearn the fretboard and make one of the best investments you can make in your playing. It will pay dividends and should be one of the highest priorities to take your playing to a new level.Bonus Content!Download audio files to play anytime and help keep you thinking about the fretboard. This extra attention will dramatically reduce the time it takes to learn the fretboard.The Step-by-step Learning Process: First, you take stock of notes that you already know so that you can start building on that knowledge. Then, you “travel” around the fretboard to various locations and get to know the notes there. You’ll not only learn patterns and relationships, but will get to know fretboard locations with a story to them.At each step on the journey you practice identifying the notes that you’ve learned. You can even do this away from the course, perhaps while commuting to work or school. Once you can identify notes it’s important to lock in that knowledge. Continue through the course to look at the relationship between chords and scales in various positions. Then take the next step and learn triads and inversions around the guitar fretboard.This method is how I learned, and have successfully used it to teach many guitar students. Take my course and let it work for you too!






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