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Master guitar barre chord technique, learn bar chord shapes and practice all major, minor, 7th and power chords

What you’ll learn
Develop abilities to play solid clear-sounding guitar bar chords anywhere on the neck
Follow a progressive series of exercises that will develop good barring technique
Build finger strength and improve dexterity to consistantly apply pressure where it’s needed
Get to know various barring techniques that use any of the 4 fretting fingers
Be able to play some basic open-string guitar chords
Have at least a little guitar strumming or picking experience
Possess a guitar to practice on
Be able to read TAB (or standard) notation
Be willing to put aside some regular time to practice the exercises
Guitar Bar Chords, (often called Barre Chords) are a significant milestone for every guitar player. Being able to play clean and good sounding bar chords means you are no longer a beginner. It’s also a very satisfying feeling and opens up the entire fretboard.Do you have basic chord knowledge, but haven’t yet tried or mastered bar chords? Have you tried playing bar chords, but given up because it seems too difficult? This step-by-step course can help.For a limited time the course is priced low, as additional lessons are being added to help you learn all of the essential guitar bar chord shapes along the neck. Currently the course focuses on TECHNIQUE. But once you buy the course you will own the complete course when other parts are added.Here are what the three parts cover:Technique developmentLearning essential bar chord shapesPracticing your skills to move smoothly from one bar chord to another while playing various rhythm patterns.Part 1 takes you through a series of exercises that start with a bar across two strings, then progressively introduces more challenging exercises. You’ll naturally develop your bar chord skills In Part 2, you will get to know major, minor, 7th, major 7th, minor 7th, suspended 2nd, suspended 4th, diminished and augmented chords. These are the most essential chords that will allow you to play most popular songs.Part 3 will have exercises and advice on how to make smooth, great sounding chord changes.Start this step-by-step no-pain approach to learn the techniques that will elevate your guitar playing more than any other skill. You’ll have the one milestone skill that will let you play chords all over the guitar neck.If you haven’t yet mastered this bar chords, or you became discouraged making bar chords work for you, don’t fret! It’s not hard if you take the right approach. Try for 30 days and if you don’t see massive improvements in your bar chord playing, get the refund.Take this course now and become a bar chord master!


Section 1: Preparation for the Course

Lecture 1 Course Introduction

Lecture 2 Prepare to Play Bar Chords

Section 2: Exercise 1 – Barring Strings 1 and 2

Lecture 3 Barring Exercise 1 Demo

Lecture 4 Barring Exercise 1 at 50bpm

Section 3: Exercise 2 – Barring Strings 1, 2 & 3

Lecture 5 Barring Exercise 2 Preparation

Lecture 6 Barring Exercise 2 at 50bpm

Lecture 7 Barring Exercise 2 at 75bpm

Lecture 8 Barring Exercise 2 at 100bpm

Section 4: Exercise 3 – Barring Strings 1, 2 & 3 E-Scale

Lecture 9 Barring Exercise 3 Preparation

Lecture 10 Barring Exercise 3 at 50bpm

Lecture 11 Barring Exercise 3 at 75bpm

Lecture 12 Barring Exercise 3 at 100bpm

Lecture 13 Eight Tips to Play Perfect Bar Chords

Section 5: Barring Exercise 4, Strings 2, 3 & 4

Lecture 14 Barring Exercise 4 Preparation

Lecture 15 Barring Exercise 4 at 75bpm

Lecture 16 Barring Exercise 4 at 100bpm

Lecture 17 Barring Exercise 4 at 200bpm

Section 6: Bar Chord Ballad

Lecture 18 Bar Chord Ballad Preparation

Lecture 19 Bar Chord Ballad – Tips Before Playing

Lecture 20 Bar Chord Ballad Level 2 at 35(x3) bpm

Lecture 21 Bar Chord Ballad Level 3

Lecture 22 Bar Chord Ballad Level 3 – Playthrough at 80 bpm

Section 7: CAGED Bar Chords

Lecture 23 CAGED Bar Chords Introduction

Lecture 24 The C-Shaped Bar Chord

Lecture 25 The A-Shaped Bar Chord

Lecture 26 Here There A-Shaped Bar Chord Exercise

Lecture 27 G-Shaped Bar Chords

Lecture 28 E-Shaped Bar Chords and Power Chords

Lecture 29 D-Shaped Bar Chords

Lecture 30 Minor CAGED Bar Chords

Lecture 31 How to Name Bar-Chords Using Root Notes

Lecture 32 CAGED 7th Chord Types

Section 8: CAGED Bar Chord Exercises

Lecture 33 C-Food Bar-Chord Exercise 1 Introduction

Lecture 34 C-Food-Bar Chord Exercise 1

Lecture 35 C-Food Bar-Chord Exercise 2 Explanation

Lecture 36 C-Food-Bar Chord Exercise 2

Lecture 37 C-Food Bar-Chord Exercise 3 Explanation

Lecture 38 C-Food-Bar Chord Exercise 3

Lecture 39 C-Food Bar-Chord Exercise 4 Explanation

Lecture 40 C-Food-Bar Chord Exercise 4

Lecture 41 Rock-E Playthrough

Lecture 42 Rock-E Lesson

Lecture 43 Rock-E Half-Speed Playthrough

Section 9: Bonus Section

Lecture 44 Final Words

Lecture 45 Bonus Lecture

Guitar players who already know basic open position chords and now want to master bar chords,Anyone who struggled with bar chords before, who now wants to follow a proven method that works

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